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Miley Cyrus in Hospital for "Indeterminate" Amount of Time

Miley cyrus

The Bangerz tour is currently being put on hold — and there’s no knowing for how long! Miley Cyrus was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday for a severe allergic reaction to a medication, and the recovery isn’t exactly going swiftly.

In fact, her rep said Thursday that the singer will remain hospitalized for an indeterminate amount of time. “Miley was suffering from a sinus infection during her tour in N.C. a week ago,” the rep explained. “She was prescribed the antibiotic cephalexin, which she has now suffered an extreme allergic reaction to. This type of reaction can last from 5 to 27 days in these types of cases.”

The statement added that the 21-year-old will remain hospitalized until improvements are made. “Miley is devastated about missing shows and possibly disappointing her fans,” her rep concluded.

Indeed, the “Wrecking Ball” singer has made it clear to fans that canceling concerts has made her miserable. can’t quit crying i wanna go back on tour. im meant to be onstage performing for y’all…. not laying in a hospital bed,” she wrote Thursday. So far, she’s canceled concerts in Kansas City and St. Louis this week.

Miley’s been having a rough go of it lately — earlier this month, she was struggling to cope with her dog, Floyd, passing away.


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