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Oscars Gossip: The Scoop on What Went Down Backstage!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Credit: Photo by: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

We saw Brad Pitt chowing down on pizza and Meryl Streep shimmy-ing with Pharrell during the Academy Awards, but there was a whole lot more that went down backstage! Star has the scoop on what the biggest celebrities were up to behind the scenes!

Meryl couldn’t seem to get enough of Bradley Cooper, and even told him how beautiful his eyes were. “She was telling Bradley how much she loved his performance in American Hustle, and she couldn’t stop gazing into his eyes,” a witness reveals. “She confessed that she couldn’t get enough of his beautiful eyes and he turned bright red!”

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie couldn’t keep her hands off fiance, Brad! “Angelina walked behind Brad and grabbed his behind as he was talking to Bill Murray,” an insider dishes. “He jumped, in shock, and then laughed when he saw it was her. Bill got a good laugh also!”

Charlize Theron & Lupita Nyong'o

Newcomer (and big winner!) Lupita Nyong’o spent some time bonding with Charlize Theron. The women have similar backgrounds, growing up most of their lives in Africa.

At the end of the show, Matthew McConaughey won the Oscar for Best Actor, but the usually cool, calm and collected star was definitely nervous before the category was announced — and it showed! “Matthew lifted his arm up to a big sweat mark and his wife, Camila, rushed over and pulled his arm down,” the witness adds. “She wanted to make sure he looked his best on his special night.

Jason Sudeikis also rescued his significant other, a very pregnant Olivia Wilde, when she almost tripped and fell. While the actor almost had a “panic attack,” his fiance laughed off the near accident.

And Ellen DeGeneres’ viral selfie during the show wasn’t the only star-studded, self-taken shot of the night! Naomi Watts and Cate Blanchett snapped a photo of their own backstage. “Naomi was star struck by Cate and kept saying she was her biggest fan,” our insider reveals. “Cate thought it was cute, and before they parted ways, Cate asked to take a picture with Naomi and whipped out her camera. Naomi was so excited!”

Kate Hudson

After the show, many celebrities continued the celebration at the Vanity Fair After Party. There, a witness saw Kate Hudson downing shots of tequila with her mom and Kurt Russell. At one point, Goldie tried to get Bradley in on the action, but he politely declined, adding that he “never touches the stuff.”

Sofia Vergara proved to be the center of attention at the bash, though, while dancing and drinking with a huge smile on her face. When a studio executive told her she was the most beautiful woman in the room, she jokingly replied, “Well, then maybe you start putting me in your big movies then! I want to win an Oscar, too!”

Also in attendance was big winner, Matthew, who reflected on the role that made him a household name — David Wooderson in 1993’s Dazed and Confused. When asked if he’d reprise the role in a sequel, now more than 20 years later, he replied, “That’s an interesting question man. I actually wouldn’t mind checking in on that guy and seeing what he’s like 20 years down the line. If Rick [Linklater] wanted to write the script, I’d certainly be down to revisit him. He’s the character that really started it all for me, so I have a real affection for Wooderson.”