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Lo Bosworth Answers: Was The Hills Real or Fake?

Lo Bosworth

It’s been three and a half years since The Hills aired its final episode, but cast members are still getting that same old question: was the reality show REAL or FAKE?

Kristin Cavallari hasn’t shied away from making it clear that she played a character on the MTV hit, but now, one of the show’s more innocent stars is throwing in her two cents.Lo Bosworth spent 30 minutes answering fan questions in a YouTube video, posted Wednesday, in which she dished on whether or not she has regrets about doing The Hills.

“If I could go back in time, yes, I would go on The Hills again,” she admitted. “Because being on the show, even though it has been extremely painful at some points in my life, and difficult and uncomfortable, it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. But it has taken me a couple of years to really see it that way. Doors have opened for me that would’ve never opened otherwise. I have been able to meet amazing people, and go on amazing trips, and make some money at a young age. So, it has been a really incredible life experience from the standpoint of being a successful, working young professional.”

However, the 27-year-old did admit that her time on the show was mostly just that — work. “The Hills was kind of real and The Hills was kind of fake,” she explained. “It was both. It was fake in the sense that we had to make a television show, so we had call times and we had to show up and put on microphones…and basically go to work.”

During the Q&A, Lo, who shared that she’s still best friends with Lauren Conrad, also went into detail about what things were like on set. “Sometimes they would have us repeat the same thing five different times so that they could capture it on different cameras and edit it different ways that they wanted,” she said. “It was fake in the way that, ‘okay, you guys went out last night…now Whitney [Port] and Lauren are going to have to have brunch the next day and talk about what happened.'”

Sometimes, though, the producers built off what was actually happening in the cast members’ real lives. “At times, we really did all hate each other…and that totally came across on camera,” she explained. “And sometimes we were all getting along. But, for the most part, it was a job and we just really were showing up to work everyday.”


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