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EXCLUSIVE: Celebs Talk Being Bullied

Kristin Chenoweth

It isn’t always glitz and glam in the world of a celebrity! In fact, handfuls of famous people have used their status to speak out against the bullying epidemic, which many experienced themselves before fame.

STOMP Out Bullying is the national leading anti-bullying organization for kids and teens in the United States. Star caught up with some stars who are part of the group, who exclusively told their very own bullying experiences, as well as their advice to anyone currently being bullied.

“Bullying affects all of us,” Kristin Chenoweth explained. “We’re all different — I mean, have you heard me speak?! It doesn’t give anyone a right to treat us differently.” Fashion guru Brad Gorsecki added, “As someone who was bullied through his childhood and teen years, it’s important to stand up to bullies and help this generation stomp out bullying for safer schools and better lives.”

As a mom, Debra Messing is fully aware of the effect bullying has on the younger generation. “I try to encourage my son to be as communicative as possible and to be a good friend, so if he sees something happening — to speak up, to get a teacher,” she revealed. “It’s something that just can’t be tolerated, period.”

Michelle Trachtenberg also offered up some advice for anyone being picked on. “Always remember — their words cannot kill you,” she urged. “In school, I would repeat to myself, ‘Never let them see you cry. Their words hurting you is letting them win. Why would you want to let them win? You’re stronger than that.'”