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Miley Cyrus: Before and After

Miley Cyrus

The world can’t seem to stop talking about Miley Cyrus and all of her recent shenanigans. Because the singer has been in show business for so long, there’s a lot to compare her current actions to. We’ve rounded up ways Miley’s managed to do similar things so differently in just a matter of years.

The Pigtails

Miley Cyrus

Throughout the week of (and during) her infamous VMAs performance, Miley was spotted sporting two small, pigtail buns on top of her head (right). In 2011 (left), she wore a much more innocent form of the hairstyle, posing in a selfie with loose, pigtail braids.

Animal Love

Miley Cyrus

These days, you can find the singer performing raunchy dance moves alongside giant stuffed animals (right). In June 2012, things were a lot different — she then spent her time a lot more simply, cozying up to her real furry friends and then-fiance, Liam Hemsworth.

Life of the Party

Miley Cyrus

For her 16th birthday, Miley rented out Disneyland for a major extravaganza where she hung out with family, fellow Disney Channel stars and of course, Mickey Mouse (left). Things changed a great deal by her 20th birthday celebration (last year — right), during which she partied the night away friends and even got hands-y with strippers. The former Hannah Montana star has not been shy about embracing the partying lifestyle recently (come on, she sings about the drug Molly in “We Can’t Stop”), a far cry from the PG-themed bash she threw back in 2008!

Famous TV Performances

Miley Cyrus

The image of Miley grinding on Robin Thicke with her tongue out at the 2013 VMAs (right) is pretty much permanently etched in everyone’s mind, like it or not. But back in 2009, she gave a performance at an even bigger show with, arguably, an even bigger star when she sang “Fifteen” with Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards. Of course, that time, she was covered up in jeans and long sleeves while sitting still on a stool…

You might find it hard to believe that this video of the 20-year-old performing in her backyard was taken just over one year ago! Check it out to re-live Miley in her not-so-much-younger years:

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