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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 4, Episode 8

Pretty Little Liars

I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed with some of the middle episodes from this half of Season 4, but after last night, I might be back on board the Pretty Little Liars train. Yes, there were still so many unrealistic and unnecessary plot lines, but I finally felt really drawn into last night’s episode, which hasn’t been the case since around Episode 2 of this season.

So, let’s recap what the liars went through, shall we?

Lucy Hale

I love Aria (Lucy Hale), but is there even a point to her this season? Her storylines never have anything to do with the main plot of the episode, and it’s getting a little draining.

Regardless, in Tuesday’s episode, Aria is in charge of her little brother Mike while their Dad is away. Mike tells Aria he NEEDS to “bond” with his lacrosse team at a party, and also that he started taking martial arts lessons. How convenient — his instructor is Jake, the same guy Aria almost started dating at the beginning of the season.

Aria pays Jake a visit to find out why Mike suddenly is interested in defending himself, and Jake admitted that Mike told him he was “afraid.” Considering his former pal (and also his teammate), Connor, believes Mike is the one who smashed his car in, Mike probably has a ton of damage control to do with the lacrosse team…hence the entire storyline this episode.

When Mike doesn’t come home on time, Aria begins to worry, and turns to Jake for help in getting ahold of him. Once she finds out Mike’s okay, Aria and Jake have a bonding talk in her living room. Alright, Ezra, it’s been long enough — time to swoop back in!

Emily & Pam PLL

Poor Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Pam! After a car smashed into their house last week, Emily and her mom are living in a motel, and Pam is on the edge of a breakdown while dealing with insurance companies and also trying to get Emily to stay focused on her future. So, Emily tries to distract herself by meeting with Ezra about colleges, and he gives her the idea to call up her mentor from Habitat for Humanity to write a recommendation letter.

Enter: Rumer Willis, aka Zoe, Emily’s former Habitat leader.

Zoe convinces Emily to join the team for a summer in Nicaragua before she heads off to college, and Emily is totally on board to get out of Rosewood. Plus, it helps that Zoe is more than ready to write her a glowing recommendation letter. Pam tries to be happy for her daughter, but considering her life is basically in shambles (no house, they’re broke, etc.), she breaks down crying instead. Snooze.

Spencer PLL

Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) mom is the lawyer for Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) mom, Ashley (in case you forgot, Ashley was arrested for killing Detective Wilden). How convenient that the D.A. sent over all the files for the case to Spencer’s home address instead of her mom’s office?! Look — now a 17-year-old girl who clearly has interest in the case just has full access to them!

Of course, Spencer does some snooping, and finds a file from a box on Wilden containing a report from the night Toby’s mom died. Something about Wilden’s report doesn’t match up to the doctor’s file on Mrs. Cavanaugh, and Spencer is immediately interested as to why Wilden would lie about what happened to her.

She pays a visit to one of her old nurses at Radley, but he doesn’t have many answers for her. Now, though, Spencer realizes that Wilden must’ve been covering something up long before the girls even knew who he was — and, let’s be real, chances are that it involved Alison (we know the two have a history).

Unfortunately, Spencer’s mom sees no need for that information in her current case. Oh, and she conveniently has a really hot, new assistant that’s going to be hanging around the house a lot. Better come back from your hunt for Red Coat before it’s too late, Toby…

Ashley & Hanna Marin PLL

Hanna is obviously devastated when she finds out the judge wouldn’t release her mom on bail. Yep, Ashley’s headed for prison — but not if Hanna has anything to do with it! Being the genius that she is, Hanna decides she’ll confess to killing Wilden, knowing that it’s her fault “A” is setting Ashley up in the first place.

Hanna turns to the ultimate liar, Mona, to help her make up the story. In most of the episode, we see Mona’s skills put to the test, as she gets Hanna to weave together a believable story about killing Wilden in self defense. But, Ashley and Caleb know Hanna better than to think she’ll just let her mom head to prison without doing something drastic…and they know they have to stop her.

So it’s Caleb to the rescue! He heads to the Marin home to talk Hanna out of her “confession,” and while they’re in a heated discussion about what she should do, Hanna gets a text that Mona turned herself in for the crime!

Okay…here’s where things get a little confusing. This is Mona we’re talking about, so it’s likely that she has an ulterior motive besides just trying to prove her loyalty to Hanna. I’m 99% certain that in the preview for next week, we see Mona back in Radley, so could it be that she needed another reason to get back on the inside? Oh, and also next week — Jenna’s back. Which is always fun. Stay tuned…


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