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10 Biggest Moments: Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 2

Pretty Little Liars

Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars is officially underway, and that means very few answers accompanied by many more questions. Once again, the liars find themselves in a whole slew of trouble after Episode 2…and it looks like it’s only going to get worse.

We’ve rounded up the 10 biggest moments of Tuesday night’s episode to recap!

1. Who was Mona’s attacker?

Mona Pretty Little Liars

The episode starts with the girls discussing the events of last week’s episode (most importantly: who was in the black veil at Ali’s funeral? Was it Melissa)? When Mona (Janel Parrish) shows up, the liars are still skeptical of whether or not she’s on their side, or still part of the A-team. To prove her loyalty, Mona agrees to take the girls to where she parked the RV so they can see all the incriminating evidence she has against them. Problem is…Toby (Keegan Allen) already took the RV in exchange for information about his mother…so alas, it’s nowhere to be found.

Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) storm off the scene, but (for some reason I can’t figure out), Aria (Lucy Hale) gets Emily (Shay Mitchell) to wait around for a minute…just enough time to see something fishy happening in Mona’s car. Turns out Mona was being attacked by someone wearing the same “Ali” mask from the Halloween train. Mona is able to get out before any serious damage is done, but the mystery person isn’t done with his/her rampage just yet.

Instead of just driving away, the Ali impersonator decides to rev up the car right towards Aria and Mona, leading Emily to step in and save the day…while also severely bruising her shoulder.

2. Spencer’s rejection

Spencer Pretty Little Liars

Before we can really delve into Emily’s shoulder injury, we first find out that Spencer is dealing with some trouble of her own — she got rejected from the University of Pennsylvania. The same school everyone else in her family went to. Uh-oh.

Spencer turns to Aria’s ex Ezra (Ian Harding), who now conveniently teaches the girls’ English class again, for help. Ezra immediately advises her to apply to other colleges and even agrees to help her with her college essay. Unfortunately, he and Spencer don’t quite see eye to eye about her decision to write about her experience with Ali’s (Sasha Pieterse) death, the A-bullying and time in Radley. Ezra tells her that full disclosure isn’t necessary, while Spencer argues that A is going to reveal all of her secrets anyway, so she might as well just put it all out on the line.

Let’s not forget, though, why this rejection is actually so suspicious. It was Ali’s old pal CeCe Drake who passed Spencer’s application along to a friend (at a party, no less) to give to Admissions. Could someone have tampered with her application within that exchange? Don’t doubt it!

3. Emily’s injury

Emily Pretty Little Liars

Emily still has big plans to go to Stanford and be on the swim team with her girlfriend Paige, and with the biggest swim meet of the season coming up, a shoulder injury is the last thing Emily needs. Unfortunately, the incident with Mona and Aria left her with a severely bruised arm, and to ease the pain, Emily loads up on pain killers to make it through the meet.

This has the opposite effect, and impairs Emily from judging distance while she’s swimming, causing her to smash her head into the concrete wall and be taken away on a stretcher. In the end, she looks to be okay, but now she’s got another killer bruise to worry about — smack in the middle of her forehead!

To make things even more interesting, the big swim meet is against Shana’s school. Remember Shana? Paige’s ex-girlfriend, but also, the mysterious girl who the liars just recently found out is working with Jenna and Spencer’s big sis Melissa?

Earlier in the episode, Hanna approaches Shana with the revelation that the girls know she and Jenna dragged Detective Wilden’s lifeless body away after Hanna’s mom Ashley hit him with a car. Hanna tries to get Shana to admit she and Wilden knew each other, but the girls’ newest enemy keeps tight-lipped, and even confronts Emily in the locker room to ask about Hanna’s suspicions. You can’t stay quiet for long, sweetie!

4. Did Hanna’s mom kill Wilden?

Ashley Marin

Speaking of Hanna’s mom, she was in New York at the time of Detective Wilden’s death…or was she? After Hanna and the girls discovered Ashley’s phone in Wilden’s casket, Hanna’s been suspicious of her good ‘ol mom, and those suspicions are mounted when she finds a bag with muddy high heels underneath the sink. She grows even more weary after Mona tells her that she overheard cops saying they found high-heeled (“like the ones Alison used to wear”) footprints near where Wilden’s body was found.

Hanna confronts her mom about the situation, to which Ashley flat out says she did not kill the Detective. It would be far too obvious at this point if Ashley did kill Wilden, so she’s obviously got another secret up her sleeve. Something tells me it definitely involves being blackmailed by A, too.

5. Has Aria moved on?

Aria Pretty Little Liars

Aria is feeling pretty lonely since she ended her relationship with Ezra, and she’s taken up a new hobby — martial arts. Her old pal Holden (what happened to him, by the way?) frequented the martial arts studio, which is what brings her to the studio in the first place. Turns out Holden isn’t around…but a hot instructor sure is!

It’s just so painstakingly obvious that the show is setting up a romance between Aria and Jake (the instructor), that it’s almost hard to watch. It’s even harder when she kisses him during their first private lesson. Awkward. After the kiss, Aria runs out of the studio, planning on never seeing Jake again — until he shows up at her house and asks her out for coffee. Cue an immediate new boyfriend for the girl who’s just getting out of a two year, totally serious relationship. Yawn.

6. What’s with the parrot?

Pretty Little Liars

Hanna has a confrontation with Ali’s mom, Mrs. DiLaurentis…and finds out more than she expected. First, though, she’s greeted on the DiLaurentis porch by a talking parrot, who Mrs. D reveals is Ali’s grandmother’s. After she passed, Mrs. D. was given responsibility of the chattering pet, who she also reveals Ali spent a lot of time with when she visited her grandma in Georgia the summer before she disappeared.

Mrs. DiLaurentis points out that the parrot will repeat just about anything you say, so of course, Hanna just has to have it, with the hopes that all of Ali’s secrets from that summer will be spilled.

7. Another Ali flashback!

Ali Pretty Little Liars

What is a PLL episode without a good Ali flashback!? This time we got one from her mom’s point of view, and we get another sense of just how manipulative the girls’ old pal really is. When she asks her mom, over lunch, if she can invite the girls to the family’s Cape May beach house for a night, Mrs. D. is skeptical of letting five young girls stay alone, overnight, at a shore rental. We then find out how Ali always managed to get her way with mom and dad — she holds her breath until the “No” becomes a “Yes.”

After the flashback is over, Hanna tells Mrs. D. that Ali never invited her and the girls to Cape May, which begs the question — who exactly was Ali heading down there to hang out with? Wilden, of course, is the obvious answer…except for the fact that he had his own boat in Cape May, so why would he need to stay at Ali’s house? Well, another unanswered question for now…

8. Did Mrs. D. give us a big clue?

Ali Pretty Little Liars

Without meaning to, Mrs. DiLaurentis may have given away a major clue! Considering the girls still aren’t sure if it was Ali they saw the night the lodge burned down, Hanna questions whether or not Mrs. D. actually saw Ali’s body when it was discovered. Of course, that was a year after she went missing, so Mrs. D. reveals there was basically nothing left except the yellow tank top Ali was wearing “that night.”

That means that the coroner based the body ID on DNA alone, which has lots of fans wondering about the infamous “twin theory.” Could Ali have a twin who really died that night…meaning Ali’s still alive? Or vice versa?

9. What about Toby’s mom?

Toby Pretty Little Liars

Tuesday’s episode gave us an even deeper look into Toby’s past! He finally tells Spencer that it was him who took the RV in exchange for information about his mother’s death, which A did give him. Whether or not that information is legit is still to be determined…

Toby gets the transcript from his mother’s last day in Radley before she committed suicide, but he’s not so certain that her death was self-inflicted. Her last conversation, he says, doesn’t quite sound like someone who is ready to leave their family behind. The whole thing makes Toby super-suspicous of Radley (as if we weren’t already), and puts him on a mission to find out what really happened to his dear ol’ mom. He also makes Spencer promise not to tell any of the other girls about the situation.

10. Whose phone number is it?

Pretty Little Liars

With Spencer already freaking out over her lack of college admission, she just can’t take the noisy parrot living in her room anymore. That is, until she realizes the tune the bird is actually singing the tune of a PHONE NUMBER. The girls dial the number repeatedly, hoping that Ali’s mystery beach lover will pick up, but the calls go unanswered.

They’re left in even more dismay when they return to Spencer’s room to find that the parrot is missing. Well, there goes all their chances at more Ali clues! Conveniently, though, a black-hooded A is feeding food to said parrot as the episode closes. So, was this phone number thing even legit, or just another way for A to lead the girls down a misguided path?

Let’s just hope we get some more answers next week!


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