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10 Biggest Moments From Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Premiere!

Pretty Little Liars promo photo

Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars premiered on Tuesday night, and as usual, although some questions were answered, we’re left with even more to wonder about as the mystery continues! 

All in all, Season 4’s premiere was a pleasant surprise, picking up right where the Season 3 finale left off and segueing into what promises to be another eventful season. Since so much went down on Tuesday’s episode, we’ve rounded up the 10 biggest and most shocking moments and reveals, in chronological order, to recap.

1. What’s in the trunk?

Pretty Little Liars screenshot

Season 3 ended with the liars, Hanna (Ashley Benson), Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario), joined by their arch-nemesis and original A-team member, Mona (Janel Parrish), opening the trunk to Office Wilden’s police car to a shocking discovery. In the Season 4 premiere, we immediately find out what it is.

A dead pig? Okay, yes…gross. But — that’s it?! Months of anticipation and what’s in the trunk is basically irrelevant to the entire episode and show. Unless the writers have something up their sleeves that they probably won’t touch on for at least another half a season…and I wouldn’t put that past them.

Before running from the scene of the missing, dug-up police car, Mona takes the first step towards proving to the liars that they can trust her. She extracts the video of Hanna’s mom, Ashley, running over Wilden with her car to keep her from getting in trouble. Although Mona keeps the chip for herself at first, she later gives Hanna what she claims to be the “only copy.” But is it really?

Can we really believe anything Mona says?

2. Mona’s revelations

Pretty Little Liars

Whether the girls actually trust Mona or not, there’s no denying that they need her. Although she’s being targeted herself, now, she was the original one with all the information. The girls give their rival the third degree, and if her information is true…she definitely delivered.

In the Season 3 finale, Mona revealed to the girls that even she doesn’t know who the mystery person is wearing the red coat. This led fans to question who visited Mona at Radley, wearing the same jacket, in the Season 2 finale. It was CeCe Drake, Ali’s older pal, but because Mona was so medicated, she has no recollection of what they talked about.

We’ve also been left in the dark about who gave Emily a massage in Season 2 when Mona was horseback riding with Hanna. Mona reveals that it was Lucas, who she’d been previously using as a puppet to do things for her. Mona also tells the girls that it wasn’t her who killed Ian/saved Spencer in the bell tower at the end of Season 1…although she wishes she knew who it was. PLUS, she shares that Shana knew Jenna before Jenna moved to Rosewood, meaning those two go way back. Food for thought.

But her biggest reveal came next…

3. Who is the Queen of Hearts?

Queen of Hearts

After Hanna finds out that it was Mona on the Halloween train, dressed like Caleb and wearing an Ali mask, the girls are left to question who it was that drugged Aria and put her in a crate with a dead Garrett. Luckily, Mona has the entire thing on video, showing detective Wilden, unmasked, in the Queen of Hearts costume…but he’s not alone.

He’s joined by a second Queen of Hearts, still wearing the mask, who Mona says is Spencer’s big sister, Melissa. As she’s about to pull off the mask, though, Mona’s files all begin getting deleted and we’re unable to see the rest of the video clip. This situation reminds me of last season, when CeCe told Emily that Melissa took a photo of her, Alison and Wilden on a boat in Cape May. In both cases, Melissa is said to be involved…but we never see her at the scene. Hmm…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still super suspicious of Melissa, but in these two instances, I’m a bit skeptical.

4. Another dead body in Rosewood

Pretty Little Liars

I know it’s a TV show, but this many dead bodies in one, small town? Come on. Detective Wilden is the one who met his fate this time, and although we know little about his death, Emily’s mom tells the girls that he was shot several times. No leads on who did it yet, though.

5. Jenna’s random connections

Jenna Pretty Little Liars

Jenna only has to be in an episode for a total of two minutes to a) be super creepy and b) dish out some important information. This time, she shares that Wilden was actually a friend of hers — is this girl connected to EVERYONE?

Anyway, Jenna reveals to Emily that she wants to get a message to Toby, because she’s worried that she’s going to be the next dead body in Rosewood. Why? Because it seems like everyone who saw Ali the night she disappeared is winding up dead (Ian, Garrett, Wilden). Wait…Wilden saw Ali the night she died, too?! Jenna was blind at the time, but that’s apparently what Garrett told her.

Garrett also told her that he killed Alison with the shovel, so, there’s that…

Let’s not forget that Emily also comments on a mysterious burn on Jenna’s arm. Could it be from setting the fire at the lodge that almost killed the girls in the Season 3 finale? Jenna, of course, doesn’t respond to Emily’s question.

6. Ezria meets their fate

Ian Harding & Lucy Hale

Okay, it’s been a while since this show’s pulled a fast one over on me. I’m usually pretty good at deciphering what’s real and what’s a daydream or a nightmare. But, congrats, PLL, because you finally did it!

After Aria tells Ezra that she’s not ready to see other people, he drops the bomb that he’s going back to teaching at Rosewood. Meaning…their relationship is even more illegal (again) than a dude dating a minor. When Aria gets called to the Vice Principal’s office, she mentally freaks out until she’s called in and confronted by the VP about their relationship. At which point he reveals that Ezra is about to be arrested in front of the entire school.

JUST KIDDING! It’s all in Aria’s mind. He just needs her to pick up some papers, but the situation was enough to scare Aria, at which point she texts Ezra that she is ready to move on and see other people. RIP Ezria.

7. The return of Mrs. DiLaurentis

Pretty Little Liars still

Well, if we kill off one character, why not bring back another one? Ali’s mom creepily returns in this episode, and when Emily drops off a Welcome Home basket, she finds out that Mrs. DiLaurentis is still keeping all of Ali’s things. Is it just me, or is that just a little creepy?

Spencer also catches Mrs. D. standing in Ali’s bedroom window, looking across the yard into her house. Like mother, like daughter, I guess!

Oh, we also find out that Jason (who mysteriously disappeared after falling down an elevator shaft in Season 3) is down South working on his grandmother’s house. As in the same “grandmother” Ali was “visiting” before she disappeared? The same grandma with the large inheritance Ali didn’t want Jason to get? Maybe I’m reading too far into this…but this family’s got some secrets that seem to go back generations!

8. What’s in Wilden’s coffin?

Pretty Little Liars

After the girls get an “A” text alluding to the fact that there’s incriminating evidence against them in Wilden’s coffin, of course they have to sneak his funeral to find out what it is.

Aria is too busy getting completely ignored by Ezra to be much of a sleuth, and eventually, it’s Spencer who stumbles across the coffin in a back room before the service. Coincidentally, Mona received the same text, and made the discovery at the same time, so together, the two girls extract a ringing cell phone from underneath Wilden’s dead body. Not gross or creepy, at all.

The missed calls on the cell phone are from an “Unknown” number, except for one that is from the contact “Kisses.” Naturally, Spencer re-dials the number and it calls…Hanna? “Um, Spencer, why are you calling me from my mom’s phone?”

Yep, it was Ashley Marin’s phone in the coffin. Looks like we know who A’s next target is.

9. Who is wearing the black veil?

Pretty Little Liars

As if it wasn’t confusing enough trying to figure out who red coat is, now we have another mystery character — the one in the black veil. This suspicious person (presumably a girl) showed up at Wilden’s funeral and sat by herself towards the back. Are we to assume that this is the same person as Red Coat?

10. Toby, Toby, Toby


No, Toby was NOT missing from this episode. After waking up from being knocked unconscious, he observes firefighters pulling a red coat out of the wreckage from the fire. But when he and Spencer go back to look for it…lo-and-behold…the red coat is gone. Surprise, surprise.

But Toby’s real story happens towards the end of the episode. First, we see him get a text from A revealing that she “knows what happened” to his mom. Toby’s mysterious mom is going to come into play here?! Unfortunately, Toby can’t get that information without stealing the RV that holds Mona’s A-lair…and tons of information about the girls that could be harmful.

In a flashback, we see a scene between Toby and Ali that shows they didn’t always hate each other. In fact, they’re this close to kissing in Toby’s room when his mom walks in on them. Toby worries that something is wrong with dear ol’ mom, who slept the entire day away until 4:00 pm, but thinks it’s morning. We then see Ali’s true colors, as she has no sympathy for her pal and calls his mom “lazy, much?”

That’s when Toby asks her to leave his room, to which she responds, “Loser!” Hmm…are we finally seeing where the trouble between Ali and Toby really began?

Also, please, if you can tell me your heart didn’t absolutely melt when Toby cried while dropping off the RV. Sigh.