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Trouble In Paradise?

Onlooker Catches J.Lo & A-Rod In Heated Argument On The Beach!

The couple thought they were away from the public eye.

BUY me some peanuts and Cracker Jack! Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez spent a long weekend in the Hamptons — New York’s summer getaway spot on Long Island for the rich and famous — where a beachcomber saw the couple looking less than lovey-dovey on June 26.
“I couldn’t hear what Alex and Jennifer were saying, but from their body language, it certainly seemed that they were having a disagreement about something,” an eyewitness tells Star. “At one point, Jennifer stepped back and stared at him as Alex shrugged and held out his hands, as if he was wondering what was up. There were just a few people on the beach, so they didn’t seem self-conscious at all  — and they certainly didn’t seem very romantic.”
Right off the bat, friends and family tried to warn Jennifer, 47, that Alex, 41, was a player, but she didn’t listen and now the two-timing slugger’s past has come to haunt them. As Star previously reported, Alex’s former lover, Lauren Hunter, claims the retired Yankee had recently been sexting her behind the singer’s back!
“Given Alex’s history of cheating  — and Jennifer’s history of bad romances  — it would come as no surprise if a lot of people believe it’s just a matter of time until they implode as a couple,” opines an insider. “So it’s interesting to see them caught off-guard like this, rather than with the pasted-on, megawatt smiles.”