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Mother Knows Best?

JLo’s Mom Prefers Her Daughter's Ex Marc Anthony Over New BF A-Rod

Guadalupe ‘spent years clinging to the hope they’d get back together again.’

Jennifer Lopez mother Guadalupe is not a big fan of Alex Rodriguez. The protective mom is worried about the 42-year-old baseball star’s true intentions towards her superstar daughter.

An insider revealed: “She worries about his motives, although she’s pleased to see Jennifer smiling again.” “Lupe adored Marc [Anthony] and spent years clinging to the hope they’d get back together again some time. “She’s been introduced to Alex several times, but it’s awkward and she walks away each time thinking he doesn’t hold a candle to Marc. Lopez, 48, first introduced Rodriguez to her mom back in April when they went on a sightseeing trip around New York together. But despite her mom’s moaning the couple is still going strong and she’s not been put off by her warnings. The source added: “Jen’s not being swayed and has told her mom – as well as her sisters – that Alex is there to stay, so they’d better get used to him.” The high profile couple has introduced one another to their kids and their relationship has been going strong over the summer.

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