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In Denial?

The REAL Reason JLo Hasn’t Kicked A-Rod To The Curb — Yet

Insiders say she’s embarrassed by his cheating scandal.

IN the wake of a bombshell report about new beau Alex Rodriguez sexting behind her back with an old flame, Jennifer Lopez hit the roof over his alleged indiscretions and read him the riot act behind the scenes — though the Hollywood superstar hasn’t dumped the steroid-tainted baseball legend. Yet.
“Jennifer lost it and confronted Alex when she heard about the other woman,” a source says of Lauren Hunter, 34, the fitness instructor who claims she and Alex first became intimate in 2011, and that last month, while they were sending X-rated texts to each other, A-Rod begged her to secretly rendezvous with him in the Midwest. “Alex, of course, says it isn’t true. Jennifer doesn’t know what to believe, and she’s absolutely fuming. But I think she’s embarrassed by the public perception of her having a string of lousy romances” — J.Lo’s had three failed marriages; she ended her engagement to Ben Affleck after he cheated on her with a stripper in 2003; and her last boyfriend, Casper Smart, was caught going into a seedy NYC adult peepshow and pickup joint in 2012 — “so she didn’t immediately cut Alex loose. It’s all about damage control for now, though I wouldn’t bet on this relationship lasting too long. Jennifer has great taste in clothing, but lousy taste in men!”
Meanwhile, Alex’s camp is claiming former flame Hunter had attempted to “extort” Rodriguez for big money by threatening to release their alleged texts. “Someone close to Alex put that out to the press the day before the cheating bombshell broke,” the source adds. “Interesting timing.”