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Find Out Who ‘Twerked For Leonardo DiCaprio & Jamie Foxx’

What does Katie Holmes have to say about this?

HE can try and blame it on the alcohol, but Jamie Foxx certainly owes Katie Holmes an apology after partying with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeremy Piven at Chateau Marmont in L.A. on June 1. “He wasn’t acting like he was taken,” a source tells Star. “Maybe him and Katie have an open relationship or he’s fooling around behind her back.”
In a Snapchat that has since been deleted, blonde beauty Alexandra Pusateri took a dimly lit photo and captioned it, “I twerked for Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx,” the night of the Privé Revaux eyewear-line launch party.
“Jamie was encouraging her very loudly, clapping his hands in the air,” tattles the spy. “No one saw him leave with anyone, but Leo and Jeremy left with an entourage of models. They told Jamie they’d meet up with him back ‘at the house,’ meaning Leo’s place. Who knows what happened back there.”
This isn’t the first time Jamie’s hard partying has gotten him in trouble. Just last month, the 49-year-old actor revealed that Oprah Winfrey staged an intervention for him in 2004. “ [She said,] ‘You’re blowing it,’ ” Jamie recalled. “ ‘All of this gallivanting and all this kind of s**t, that’s not what you want to do.’ To this day, it’s the most significant time in my life where it was, like, a chance to grow up.” And he’s still got some more work to do!
“Jamie should have left the party after taking some promotional shots with the sunglasses,” scolds the source. “He should’ve thought of Katie and gone home to bed.”
As Star previously reported, the actress, 38, has been pushing Jamie to go public with their romance to no avail. “The sooner they come out as a couple, the better. But she isn’t the only woman in his sights,” adds an insider. “Jamie’s not the marrying kind, nor has he ever been.”