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Dave Grohl vs. Courtney Love in ‘Us Weekly’s Famous Feuds’: Watch

Take a closer look at the nearly 20 year battle between Dave Grohl and Courtney Love

There was no pretending that Foo Fighter’s lead singer Dave Grohl and singer Courtney Love didn’t like each other. After the untimely death of Love’s husband and Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, the legal battle began over the remaining unreleased content and assets from the band.

Love claimed that Nirvana was a one-man show led by Cobain, leaving former bandmates Grohl and Krist Novolselic to the side. Also, Love noted that Cobain had planned to break up Nirvana months before his death.

The battle became public when Grohl did an interview with Howard Stern in 1999. When asked what his favorite Courtney Love song was, he said “‘Teenage Whore’, because I know she wrote it.”

Dave Growl Courtney Love Feud star

Love was quick to respond, also on Howard Stern’s show. She claimed that Grohl did not help Cobain during his hardest times before his death. She also claimed that Cobain hated Grohl at the time of his death.

The feud continued throughout the 2000s with a lawsuit between Love and the remaining Nirvana members when she tried to block them from releasing unheard material as part of a Nirvana legacy box set. She tried to dissolve the three-way partnership of the band and her because she claimed that they were not the “living manifestation of the creative vision,” referring to Cobain.

The feud was revived in 2012 when Love launched a Twitter rant against Grohl with accusations of hitting on her and Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Relive how the entire feud unfolds tonight by watching Us Weekly’s Famous Feuds on Reelz. The 10-episode series explores the superstar showdowns like this one between Dave Grohl vs. Courtney Love, plus Brad Pitt vs. Angelina Jolie, Demi Lovato vs. Selena Gomez and more! Get behind-the-scenes tidbits from industry insiders and entertainment journalists. Watch the full episode on Friday, October 27th at 9PM ET on REELZ.