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Late Night Drama

The 17 Craziest Moments From Kanye’s Kimmel Interview

Yeezy talks everything from Trump to porn, mental illness to Space Force.

Kanye West became enemies with Jimmy Kimmel way back in 2013. But the recording artist was willing to put that behind him to visit Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, August 9. They talked about everything from President Donald Trump to porn preferences, from his kids to Space Force. Watch the clip above for a taste of the bananas interview.

Here are the 17 most absurd moments from the 21-minute interview!

1. Jimmy’s afraid someone will steal his Yeezys! Kanye, 41, gave Jimmy, 50, a pair of the famous shoes. “I’m worried people are going to beat me up and take these,” Jimmy said, about wearing his on the street.

2. Kanye wants to make the uniforms for President Trump’s Space Force! When Jimmy asked him is his fashion career might take him into making uniforms for the new branch of the military, he said, “I’m into designing,” with a smile. Let’s hope the president wasn’t watching.

3. Kanye was worried Trump was going to hit on wife Kim Kardashian. “He is a player,” he explained to the late night host.

4. The “Jesus Walks” rapper compared the president to a murderer! Kanye wasn’t exactly elegant when trying to explain why he loves the guy in the Whie House. “There’s two main motivating forces, it’s love or fear,” he said. “You can’t explain love. My cousin is locked up for murder … He did a bad thing but I love him.” Is that how he feels about Trump — he did a bad thing but he loves him anyway?

5. He told Jimmy it took him a year and a half to build up the confidence to wear his MAGA hat. That’s a long time for the firebrand to think about doing it.

Kanye West at 'Kimmel'


6. “I kind of enjoy when people are mad at me about things. I actually quite enjoy it,” he told Jimmy. The host was not surprised.

7. Kanye compared himself to Galileo. When explaining why he came out in support for Trump, he said, “Right or wrong, just place a thought out there that everyone’s not thinking sometimes. Galileo, they wanted to chop his head off for saying that the earth … what did he say, that the sun revolved around the earth or vice versa.” When Jimmy questioned him, saying that Galileo was actually correct, the “Ultralight Beam” rapper said, “I’m not concerned about the specifics here”

8. He thinks that, instead of history class, schools should have “future class.” He did not elaborate on what they would teach.

9. Kanye thinks we live in a simulation. “We’re all unpaid actors in a giant script we didn’t write,” he said.

10. His publicist didn’t want him to go on TV again. “We are too protective, we always don’t want someone to get hurt,” he said. “Can you imagine me talking to my publicist when I said I want to go on TV again?” Jimmy and the audience laughed.

11. The “Runaway” rapper has put their feud behind him. “I love Jimmy!” he said at one point.

Jimmy Kimmel at 'Kimmel'


12. He couldn’t say Trump cares about black people. Jimmy challenged the rapper, saying “There are literally families being torn apart as a result of what this president is doing … you so famously said ‘George bush doesn’t care about black people.’ It makes me wonder what makes you think that Donald Trump does, or any people at all?” Kanye looked thoughtful but didn’t answer. Jimmy cut to break.

13. Kanye picks the outfits for kids North, Saint and Chicago.

14. He told Jimmy his favorite porn categories! “Black is my favorite category,” he said through Jimmy’s laughter. “Lot of black on white obviously,” he said referencing his marriage. When Jimmy told him he didn’t need to go into it, he said, “What’s the point of being Kanye West if you can’t [talk about porn]?”

15. He thought about designing his own casket after seeing the Alexander McQueen documentary. The designer did that before his death. Jimmy didn’t think this morbidity was exactly healthy.

16. He “actually slept a lot” while working on his new album,Ye.

17. The rapper still wants to inspire people. He said at the interview’s end, “I don’t know anyone that f—ed as much as I have and is still successful.” He wants to prove it’s possible.

Click here to watch the super-length conversation!

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