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Olivia Wilde Says This Conditioner Saved Her Eyebrows After ‘15 Years of Baldness’

Olivia Wilde revealed this is her secret weapon to eyebrow perfection.


Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

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Who else here was a victim of ‘90s eyebrows? Those super skinny lines that were barely there, and yet somehow cool and trendy. It’s okay to admit it — even the biggest celebrities of the decade rocked the questionable look back in the day. Thankfully, things have changed, and natural brows are in. But what if our own never quite recovered from the over-plucking?

If we’re adding multiple minutes to our makeup routine every day so we can draw on our brows with pencils, pens and gels, we’re going to want to keep reading. It doesn’t need to be like that forever. There are other options, and we found the best one out there, thanks to Olivia Wilde.

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Wilde can’t stop singing the praises of this RevitaBrow conditioner. “I’m a big eyebrow perfectionist, and I’m finally growing my eyebrows back after 15 years of baldness,” she told Into the Gloss. “I’ve been using RevitaBrow and it’s f–king working,” she excitedly and candidly continued. “I just want to share that small victory.” Don’t be modest; that victory is huge, and so many of us appreciate hearing about it so we can try RevitaBrow for ourselves!

Other shoppers are also mind-blown by the results they’ve seen from this brow conditioner. It “upgraded my brow game,” one said, while another said they were absolutely “stunned by how effective this product is.” One who thought their brows were “irreparably damaged” said that they began to see hair grow back that they hadn’t seen in “many, many years,” and another said they “even had to wax [their] brows for the first time in a couple of years!” Who knew waxing could feel so good?

This award-winning, revitalizing conditioner is made to last four months, which shoppers have attested to. It combines “active botanicals and nourishing vitamins with cutting-edge science” to target and rejuvenate brittle, sparse, patchy and damaged brows, which means we may be able to finally ditch the pencils and gels for good. Only real, naturally fabulous brows from here on out!


See it: Get the RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner for just $83 with at Dermstore! Also available at Amazon!

RevitaBrow is infused with peptides, biotin, panax ginseng extracts and wheat proteins to promote thicker, healthier brows. It also includes green tea extract and aloe vera to protect brows against harsh environmental damage and keep them cool, collected and forever on fleek!

To use this clean, cruelty-free conditioner, start off with a cleansed and dry face. Take the applicator and use several short strokes to coat eyebrows where they’re in need of a little extra love. Do this once a day and watch as brows are transformed over the weeks to come!

Shoppers “highly, highly recommend this to everyone with thin, sparse eyebrows,” hailing it as the ultimate solution to ‘90s brows. We love our ‘90s nostalgia and all, but let’s keep it limited to cartoons, chokers and combat boots. Vintage is great, but fluffy, healthy brows are better, and we’re well on our way to them!

See it: Get the RevitaLash RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner for just $83 with at Dermstore! Also available at Amazon!

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