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Time To Quit!

Sarah Jessica Parker Can’t Kick Her Nasty Smoking Habit

‘Her fingers, nails and even her top lip are turning yellow,’ says an insider.

Carrie Bradshaw had an incurable addiction to fancy footwear, but in real life, Sarah Jessica Parker has a vice that’s even worse: cigarettes! And now, after decades of puffing, the nicotine is taking its toll.
“Her fingers, nails and even her top lip are turning yellow, and she hates it,” reveals the insider. “She’s been told that if she quits smoking her skin would go back to normal, but she can’t.”
The stylish actress has even resorted to putting foundation on her fingers to camouflage the unsightly stains.
“Sarah has also seen a dermatologist about bleaching her skin,” adds the spy. “But they tell her the same thing: she should use her time and money to kick her habit instead!