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Is She Okay?

Troubled Lisa Marie Presley Could Be Pregnant, Friends Fear

Elvis' daughter checked into rehab just last summer.

She hasn’t been in the spotlight much recently, but Lisa Marie Presley certainly had cameras snapping on July 13, as she was spotted exiting a discount furniture store in Los Angeles. But the frenzy of activity was based on something more than just a rare appearance by the daughter of the late rock ’n roll god, Elvis Presley: Beneath her loose, flowing blouse, Lisa Marie was sporting what seemed to be a big baby bump! “It was really noticeable,” dished an eyewitness. “It certainly looked like she was pregnant.”
However, the possibility that Lisa Marie, 49, could be expecting has set off alarm bells among friends and family, given her recent history of struggling with alcohol and substance abuse, sources claim. “It’s been a long road for her,” laments one insider. “It’s like Lisa Marie has been taking one step forward and two steps back for quite some time.” Indeed, the rock heiress reportedly checked herself into an L.A. treatment facility for her multiple addictions only last summer. On top of that, just a day before she showed off her intriguingly full figure, Lisa Marie was seen looking haggard and smoking a cigarette near a run-down apartment where sources claim she’s been staying lately. The insider adds: “She certainly doesn’t seem to be living the healthiest lifestyle.”
Dr. Stuart Fischer, a NYC-based physician who has seen the July 13 photo of Lisa Marie and her bump, believes that “her legs are so thin it’s impossible for this to be a diet-related weight gain.” He also warns that pregnant women who smoke “are taking unnecessary risks for an unborn child’s future health.”
Lisa has been putting her own health at risk for quite some time. She has admitted that she was already experimenting with drugs by the age of 13, and at 18 she was totally hooked on narcotics and booze. “I just couldn’t be sober,” she has recalled. Unfortunately, her nasty, ongoing divorce from her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, 56, and their battle over twin daughters Harper and Finley, 8, may be taking a fresh toll on her well-being. The girls were placed in the custody of California’s Child Protective Services in February after Lisa alleged she had found “disturbing” photos and videos of children on his computer, but a subsequent investigation was dropped a month later. Lisa’s mother, Priscilla Presley, 72, who was appointed the children’s guardian, has admitted to being worried about her daughter’s mental and physical health. “The twins say, ‘We saw momma drinking and stumbling,’ ” Priscilla told a friend. “There’s nothing we can do to help her.”
In the meantime, claims the insider, Lisa has been practically homeless, crashing at the pads of her grown children, Riley and Benjamin (from her first marriage, to Danny Keough), which has friends concerned that she may have blown through the millions she inherited from her late father’s estate in 1993.
“Lisa has been through so much,” the source says. “And if she is pregnant, considering she’s been estranged from her hubby Michael for a year, no one has any idea who the father might be. It’s come to the point where if she needs to go to rehab again, everyone is praying she’ll do it and get the help she needs to put her life back on track.”