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Music Producer Scott Storch Files For Bankruptcy— How Chris Brown Could Keep Him From Going Homeless

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Credit: Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images

Legendary music producer Scott Storch, who once pumped out hit after hit for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera, to name a few, has filed for bankruptcy, citing he only has $100 left to his name.

The 41-year-old producer to the stars was once worth over $70 million, but wasted half of it on cocaine during a six-month binge in his hey-day, according to reports. The rest of his fortune was blown on expensive houses, cars and an all around lavish lifestyle, in an effort to keep up with the celebrities he worked with.

Storch is the producer extraordinaire behind Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River,” 50 Cent’sCandy Shop,” Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter,” Chris Brown’s “Run It,” and the list goes on. It’s hard to believe that a talented musical genius with such a vast discography under his belt would be anything other than flush with cash, but other than that single Benjamin he’s holding on to, the fallen music mogul claims his only other assets are a $3,000 watch and about $500 in clothes.

Chris Brown For iHeartRadio Live With Special Guest T.I. At The iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles

Chris Brown performing on stage. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Fortunately, 11 won’t be Storch’s final chapter, as he’s already back in the studio, having recently produced tracks that may just step his game back up to baller status, including a collaboration for Chris Brown and Tyga that will drop when Chris’s album is released later this summer. Add that to his brand new record label, CCS, with R&B crooner Mario already on deck, and we could be looking at a happier ending to this story.