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Jay Z's Secret Son No. 2?!

Jay Z Secret Son

Credit: Picture by: Splash News

Rymir Satterthwaite seems like a good kid — at 21-years-old he is planning to go to college, visits high schools to encourage teens not to drop out, and is an aspiring rapper to boot. But with plenty of reasons for a father to be proud to claim him, the New Jersey native says that his dad — none other than Jay Z — is fighting tooth and nail to prevent from having to do just that.

It “seems like he will cut off his right arm before he claims me,” Rymir says of the hip-hop mogul. For the last four years, Rymir and his mother have been fighting Jay Z in court in an attempt to get him to take a paternity test. And if Rymir, who bears more than a passing resemblance to the rapper, manages to win his latest court fight, he could very well force Jay to acknowledge him — a move that would no doubt threaten the A-Lister’s rocky marriage with Beyonce.

Rymir’s mom, Wanda Satterthwaite, claims she had a fling with Jay back in the early ’90s, when he was a drug dealer and rising star in the rap world. Wanda never pressed Jay to accept their boy until 2010, however, because she thought Rymir might have been the son of a different man. Bu when that turned out not to be the case, she filed a paternity suit in New Jersey, and Jay lawyered up to fight it.

During an Aug. 2012 family court hearing, Jay Z and his lawyer argued that the court had no jurisdiction in the paternity case because he didn’t live in New Jersey and had “minimal” contacts in the state — even though he had lived there in the recent past. Instead, his lawyers stated that he lived in Manhattan, and the technicality gambit worked. The case was dismissed “without prejudice” and Jay never had to address the question of whether or not Rymir was his son.

Late last year, though, Rymir filed another suit, charging Jay Z and his lawyer with providing “fraudulent” and “false'” information at the 2012 hearing.

If the 21-year-old ends up winning the new suit and it turns out that Jay is indeed the father, one can only wonder how it will affect the family that the Grammy-winner does acknowledge. “Beyonce will definitely feel betrayed,” a source admits. “She’d never trust him again. It would tear their marriage apart.”

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