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Jennifer Lopez Dishes on Health, Fitness & Wellness!


At 45, Jennifer Lopez is looking hotter than ever…so who better to get health and fitness tips from!? The singer hosted an intimate event this week to kick off the New Year and promote her latest project, BodyLab, a revolutionary lifestyle brand designed for women by women.

“BodyLab, for me, is the latest manifestation of the passion I have to be the best me,” the American Idol judge gushed. “Growing up in the Bronx, I grew up on a diet of delicious, but not so healthy, food. I love the flavors and the tradition, but I definitely was not educated, as all of the people I grew up with, on the health implications of what I was eating. I began to learn more about nutrition and the benefits of a tailored program for women, specifically. And now, I want to share some of that knowledge.”


Why the tag like ‘Be The Girl Of Your Dreams’? 

It’s just about being everything that you hope to be. Loving yourself enough to make the best choices for yourself, is what I feel it is. Everyday we have to make choices — choices on what to eat, how to treat someone, what to do…all of it. And it’s just about making the best choices and helps define who we are. We all mess up on a daily basis, but the idea is to get back on track and make each choice that comes along, to make it the best. My son Max says, ‘Tomorrow’s a new day!’ every time he gets in trouble. ‘I can start over in the morning!’ And that’s how I see it. That’s being the girl of your dreams.

What advice can you give to women who want to become part of the BodyLab movement?

I think, first and foremost, you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe that it’s possible. I think, at a certain point, women, especially around my age, we’ve given up. We’ve given so much to everybody else and we have kids and we have a career and we have a family and so many responsibilities and we give up on ourselves. We think, ‘I can’t do it.’ But you can.

And that’s why we created BodyLab 7 Day Starter Kit. It’s a blueprint for how to reset your body’s metabolism. It’s a detox, a cleanse and a probiotic with a 7 day total burn. It kickstarts everything. It gives you better energy, it starts having your system work in a better way. You’ll drop a couple of pounds, but it’s not about dropping ten pounds in one week. That’s not what we’re promoting here. It’s about getting your body to work better, and you will feel better when you do the 7 day cleanse.

Obviously, we all have tons of toxins in our bodies and all kinds of stuff, and when you start cleaning that stuff out, right away you’ll start feeling better. You’ll have energy. It will promote you into the next week and weeks following if you want to continue.

Why do you think the average woman will succeed with BodyLab?

Like I said, at the end of the day, there is no magic pill. But what we’ve done is, we’ve tried to make it easy and effective and maintainable. You have this community online that becomes your cheer section, your support system. That really helps, and it’s free! It gives you recipes and it gives you workout ideas and plans. It really tailors it for you. You go in and you put your name and you put your preferences, where you’re at, if you move around a lot and if you don’t. It’s very good for people who can’t afford to go to a gym. It has ideas about how to work out at home quickly. It’s really a great website and the app is awesome, as well, in helping you tailor a plan for yourself.

How do you manage your busy schedule and maintain good health?

It’s a juggling act. Every single day it’s like trying to keep all the balls in the air. Take care of the kids, work, make everybody in the office happy and make everyone at BodyLab happy. But, at the end of the day, you have to schedule time for you. You have to make time for the things that make you feel good, like good nutrition and good exercise and good rest. We don’t even think about that sometimes. It’s just about putting in a mindset. When you put the time in for yourself, you can be great for others. You can’t be great for others if you’re not great, so you have to find the time to do you. You have to find the time to really take time for yourself and not everything else all the time, which I believe women in particular tend to do.

What is your favorite BodyLab product?

I would have to say that I’m really into doing a shake in the morning. I don’t know about you, but I’m usually in such a rush in the morning and these shakes are great. I like the chocolate a lot! I like it, it makes me feel good. I feel light in the morning. I feel like I can move and it gives me good energy. It just starts my day off right. I start off feeling healthy, so then I want to eat better throughout the day. Even if I eat a little bit too much chicken or a lot of vegetables, it makes me think right off the bat, ‘I’m eating healthy today. I’m being healthy today.’

Why is it important for you that your fitness products be created for women by women?

Until I got involved with BodyLab, I didn’t realize how different it is for women, how we really need something tailored for us because we are just so difference from men in every single, conceivable way, which at this point of my life, I’ve realized pretty well. But also, inside…the chemistry in our bodies. So I think it’s really important for us to have our own line. That it is something by us, for us. That it really takes into consideration all the science in our bodies and how our fat is different and how we digest food differently and how we think differently and how our stressors are different — all of those things. I think it’s super important to have our own thing.


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