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EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Cibrian is Cheating...And LeAnn Rimes Knows!

Leann Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Visit Hollywood Today Live

Credit: Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage

In June, Eddie Cibrian sent a suspicious text to a mystery woman. “What time are you picking me up?” he wrote. “We are going to meet [in a restaurant] and then take me in your car afterwards because I don’t want to be near her.”

But instead of sending the message to the other woman, he accidentally sent it to an acquaintance he shares with his wife, LeAnn Rimes. “I thought it was all a joke at first, but then he never talked to me again,” says the source, who also alleges that Eddie has been taking the woman out to Mexican restaurants in the San Fernando Valley, and was even spotted working out with her at an Equinox gym in West Hollywood in July. “He was very nervous, like he had been doing something wrong,” the insider adds. “There are other girls. I hear about it.”

While many of the couple’s friends may have seen this coming — after all, LeAnn and Eddie were both married to other people when they first hooked up in 2009 — the insider says that Eddie’s apparent indiscretions haven’t changed his troubled marriage. And LeAnn knows he’s cheating!

“LeAnn performed at Wendy Williams’ 50th birthday party in July, and Eddie was all over girls right in front of his wife,” the insider explains. “LeAnn didn’t do anything about it. She just goes on with her life.”

According to the source, the country singer is embarrassed by her husband’s behavior, and while she has talked to him about it privately, she’s not ready to take any drastic steps just yet. “She doesn’t want it to ruin their reality show,” the source reveals. “And she is revamping her career. She’s getting a lot of good press on her music again. Plus, she still wants a family.”

As for Eddie, “He has an addiction; he has a ‘look at me’ issue,” the insider says. “A lot of people want to get caught because they are addicted to the attention” And Eddie — who the source says ,”has no money…He doesn’t even work.” — is “very jealous of his wife’s success.”

“LeAnn has a big album coming out at Christmas,” the pal continues. “Eddie can come along for the ride — which she will try to take him on, for appearance’s sake — but his envy will take over , and he’ll escalate his cheating.”

So if things get worse for the couple, will LeAnn end their marriage. “She’s not somebody who can be alone,” the first admits. “I think if she were to meet another guy, then she would dump him. But if she gets pregnant, who knows?”


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