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LeAnn & Eddie Talk to Star: Find Out What Their Lives are Really Like!

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Credit: Photo by: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

You already know one side of their story: how LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian cheated on their spouses with each other in 2009 while on the set of a made-for-TV movie. It’s been five years, but the couple, married since 2011, are still hounded by scandal, especially with Eddie’s jilted ex, Brandi Glanville — the mother of his sons Mason and Jake — happy to needle them at every turn.

Now they’re ready to tell their side of the story, on the new reality story, on the new reality series LeANn & Eddie. The pair sat down with Star to discuss the show, their sex lives and their plans to expand their family.

Why do a reality show?

Eddie: We wanted to work with each other again, and with all the crazy, sensationalized stories about us, people have only seen one side of things. We wanted to poke fun at it and show how we deal with it. There’s real substance between us and in our relationship.

LeAnn: I think what people want to see is the way we interact with each other, and that’s the honesty of the show. There is nothing scripted. We want people to get a whole different side of us and to laugh.

How have you managed to cope with all the scrutiny?

LeAnn: We have gone through hell and back to be together and blend a family. We’ve gone to therapy to learn how to communicate better because we don’t want to screw with the kids. It has made us better and made our marriage stronger.

Eddie: We have a real respect for each other and I think that, and the ability to laugh, goes a long way.

On the show, you’re candid about your sex life. How is it right now?

Eddie: It’s very healthy.

LeAnn: We keep it interesting. It’s so weird to talk about my sex life — my mom is going to be reading this! I think it’s awesome. After this many years, I’m still enjoying it, so it’s very good!

Do you want more kids?

LeAnn: Well, our sex life is great, so maybe it’ll happen soon!

Eddie: It’s definitely in our future.

Are you having any fertility issues?

LeAnn: It took my mom 12 years to have me, so I always thought maybe fertility issues were hereditary. We go through a lot of that on the show. But people freeze eggs and do all that stuff these days. We’ll see what happens.

Would you ever consider adoption?

LeAnn: I’m totally cool with adopting. I love kids, period. I have proven many times over that I can love a child who’s not mine. It would be great to have a child I can see myself and Eddie in, but there are a lot of children who need to be loved too, and we’ve talked about both.

Eddie: I’m totally up for adopting.

LeAnn’s been touring while Eddie is at home with the kids? Is that awkward?

LeAnn: I never look at it as, “Oh I’m going out to support my family and I need to pay the bills.” We don’t worry about money, but we keep an eye on it, especially with my shoe buying!

Eddie: Artists tour because that’s where they get revenue, and she really enjoys going out and performing.

How do you feel after finally ending your record contract?

LeAnn: Since I was 11, my life revolved around making other people happy. The fact that I’m alive is amazing to me. This is the first time that I think I’ve ever been happy in my life!



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