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Countdown To Divorce

Brandi Glanville Says Eddie Cibrian Is Plotting To Leave LeAnn

Does Rimes know?

WHEN it comes to celebrity marriages, six years of matrimony is more than most achieve, but Brandi Glanville is predicting her ex husband, Eddie Cibrian, will ditch his mistress turned wife LeAnn Rimes within the next three years — once he’s bled her bank accounts dry.
“I think when the 10-year mark comes, and he leaves her and takes half her stuff, we’ll all be good together because they won’t even be related,” Brandi told E!’s Daily Pop. “If she doesn’t have a kid with him, then we don’t ever have to see her again.”
Brandi, 44, dug her claws in some more, saying relations with her ex-husband are “rocky” at the moment:
“It’s been eight years and you would think that people would mature and be different, but there’s still some craziness happening,” she sniped. “It ebbs and flows. Sometimes it’s great, and right now it’s not.”
The acrimonious trio have been anything but a mellow modern family, with the women frequently clashing over parenting Brandi and Eddie’s sons, Mason, 14, and Jake, 10. Although LeAnn, 34, is trying to brush off Brandi’s jabs, friends admit Eddie’s leggy ex-wife knows which buttons to push.
“LeAnn has always been paranoid that Eddie is only with her because she pays for everything,” explains the pal. “She blew through her fortune trying to keep him happy, but now they’re basically broke.”
Not only has Eddie’s acting career flatlined, but LeAnn’s last two albums tanked, and the couple have been living for years on equity pulled out of their $3 million Hidden Hills, Calif., home.
“LeAnn says she’s the one not ready for a baby, but really, it’s Eddie — it’s like he doesn’t want to be tied to her forever,” adds the insider. “Deep down, LeAnn has to be worried that Brandi is right.”