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Jenelle Evans Slammed by PETA for Animal Abuse on Teen Mom 2


Once again, Jenelle Evans has found herself at the center of a controversy. The MTV star is being criticized for the way she treated her dogs on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, and even PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has taken notice.

During this week’s show, a pregnant Jenelle gets frustrated with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith’s, dog, Moogan, and is seen dragging him across the floor by his collar. Additionally, it’s revealed that she keeps both large dogs locked in too-small crates in her garage, and rarely cleans their surroundings.

In a letter to the reality star, PETA points out that dogs are highly social pack animals who require companionship and exercise for their physical and psychological well-being, and that they suffer immensely when caged for hours. The organization has offered to transport the dogs to be placed for adoption.

“We urge you to be strong and do what’s right: Please immediately make the commitment to finding them a new, suitable home where they are not kept in crates and punished and yelled at for relieving themselves,” PETA’s Merrilee Burke wrote to the star. She concluded, “You will feel relieved and happy that you’ve been responsible and done right by them, rather than continuing in this way.”

Jenelle has alluded to the criticism on Twitter, but only by retweeting those who have supported the way she’s treated her pets, and pointing out, “The dogs were in the same cage for 30 mins while I ran to the store and got new cages, exactly what I said on the episode…”


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