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Cody Sattler Dishes on Bachelorette Elimination


On Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Cody Sattler finally received a one-on-one date with Andi Dorfman…only to be eliminated from the show by the end of the episode.

But what was going through the personal trainer’s mind as the Bachelorette rejected him? “I think I was just trying to be honest with Andi and let her know how I was feeling,” he admits. “I think at that moment I kind of probably realized she might have built some stronger relationships with some of the other guys earlier on. You know, I got that one-on-one date late and I was just trying to be as honest as I could with her. I think when she started tearing, I think she realized I was being genuine and sincere and I was taking it serious, but, like, she realized I was more in the friend zone with her and there wasn’t that physical romantic connection between us.”

Cody was the last guy to have a one-on-one date with Andi, which he says probably affected his position in the competition. “I do think if I probably got a date earlier on, I could have probably built a stronger connection with her,” he explains. “As weeks went on, she was building stronger relationships with everybody and I was, like I said, just getting my 10-15 minutes here, when these guys were going on an entire date with [her] and she’s building these strong relationships.”

Still, Cody says the date he and Andi did share was “definitely something I enjoyed.”

Next, the reality star will head to Bachelor In Paradise, to get another chance at love. “I’m always looking for a relationship, I just haven’t come across it yet,” he says. “But to have the opportunity to do it again and to meet some great, beautiful people, I just figured why not? Why not do it?”

Of course, being on The Bachelorette involved much more than alone time with Andi…so, what did Cody think of some of the guys he was competing against?

On Josh: “Josh is a great guy. I mean, I roomed with Josh throughout the show and he just seems like a well-rounded, good guy.”

On Nick: “Nick, I think, is his own person. He was a nice guy, but I think he’s just his own person. I was really cool with everybody in the house, and Nick was the oldest one in the house, and I think that maybe he thought he had a little different position than everybody. Nick, from my perception of him, he kind of just had a bad attitude. Whether it was, ‘I hate seeing guys go on dates,’ or ‘I’m not all about a group date,’ or what not. Just having that kind of negative attitude is something I don’t find too appealing and something I don’t associate with.”

On Chris: “Chris is a great guy. Chris is one of the guys I connected with right from the beginning and I think that’s just because he’s a real dude as far as…he’s not trying to be anybody he’s not. He’s very honest and sincere. SO I think just having this realness about him makes him a really great person. Shoot, I have nothing bad to say about the guy — there’s nothing negative I’m going to say about Chris.


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