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Charlie Sheen: Twitter Rant Against Phil Robertson

Charlie Sheen

Credit: Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Nearly three years ago, Charlie Sheen made headlines for his controversial comments against Two and a Half Men creator, Chuck Lorre (and its aftermath). That doesn’t mean the actor is feeling sympathy for Phil Robertson, the reality star who recently made anti-gay remarks in a GQ interview, though.

Naturally, Charlie went on a Twitter rant to express his disdain for the Duck Dynasty star. “You have offended and hurt so many dear friends of mine, who DO NOT have the voice or the outreach that I do,” he wrote. “Well news flash shower-dodger, I will speak loudly and clearly for ALL of them.”

He continued, “Your statements were and are abhorrently and mendaciously unforgivable. The idea that you have a job outside of dirt-clod stacking is a miracle.”

The controversial star went on to diss the Robertson family’s A&E show, from which Phil is indefinitely suspended from filming, as well as their signature beards. He concluded the open letter with, “Repulsed by you, C. Sheen.”

Over the weekend, the Robertson patriarch stood by his comments during a Bible study group. His family and Duck Dynasty costars have also had his back, and released a statement saying that they won’t do the show without him.


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