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What Could Lady Gaga Be Hiding?!

Lady Gaga

There’s something that Lady Gaga doesn’t want the public to know, and she’s willing to take legal action to keep it that way!

It all started when Gaga’s former collaborator and BFF Wendy Starland sued her old producer Rob Fusari, claiming that she was screwed out of some revenue she should’ve received for her part in discovering the pop super star. Although Lady Gaga herself isn’t involved in the case, she is the focal point of the discussion, and there’s some information she doesn’t want brought up.

In fact, Gaga reportedly claims that the information she’s referring to is “sensitive, private and personal,” and that if it went public, it’d “inflict significant personal and professional harm” upon her. To prevent this from happening, the “Born This Way” singer has filed court documents, asking that the information not be brought up during the trial.

Although a judge has yet to rule on her request, the whole situation is a bit fishy. And, of course, now we’re all dying to know the answer to this new burning question: What could she be hiding?!


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