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LeAnn Rimes Makes Rape Joke to Joan Rivers

You’ve taken it too far, LeAnn Rimes! The singer appeared with husband Eddie Cibrian on Joan Rivers’ web series In Bed With Joan, and made quite the controversial joke while discussing when she lost her virginity.

“I was in Monte Carlo and I was….15?” she guessed. “I know, it’s kind of a bulls— story. I was 16?” When her host asked, “Was it nice? Was it bad? Was he nice?” though, LeAnn gave a pretty insensitive response.

“He was my boyfriend for, like, three and a half years. So, yeah, he was fine,” she said. “I think I raped him. I think that’s how it happened.” Following the episode’s airing, the 31-year-old was hit with numerous tweets slamming her for the statement.

Of course, the couple is used to controversy and being looked down upon by the public. They got together while they were both still married to other people, and have been a focus of media attention ever since.

“We laugh at ourselves,” LeAnn said, of how the relationship started. “I’ll make the joke. I’ll be the first one to make the joke because I don’t want anybody to make the joke about me. If you make the joke first, then nobody can do it.”

Watch the whole interview above!


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