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Kylie Jenner’s Post Baby Big Comeback Plan After Months In Hiding

‘She wants to make her comeback just as dramatic as her pregnancy’ says insider.

Kylie Jenner shocked the world by revealing she secretly gave birth to a baby girl after refusing to discuss the pregnancy for nine whole months.

And while the world awaits the newborn baby’s name, is reporting that Jenner, 20, now has a new agenda – making an epic comeback to the spotlight.

Radar told you first that the new mother was not going to reveal her pregnancy details until AFTER the birth of her daughter, and according to a source,

“Kylie went to great lengths to keep this a secret because that is what her mom Kris [Jenner] instructed her to do. The craziest thing is she actually pulled it off!”

Now that her baby is here, the makeup mogul is going to continue to lay low until she gets her body back, the source claimed.

“She wants to spend quality time with her daughter and family and does not want to be bothered by anyone except for those in her inner circle,” the source explained.

But she also is desperate to lose the baby weight before she makes her grand return to the Hollywood scene.

As fans know, Jenner – who gave birth to her first child with rapper Travis Scott, 25, on Thursday – revealed all of the details inside of her pregnancy in a shocking video that included details about her junk food binges and weight gain!

“Kylie is not listening to the advice of her docs at all on this one, and she has already made an appointment to start with cool sculpting,” the source told Radar.

“She wants to make her comeback reveal just as dramatic as she did the reveal of her pregnancy and does not want anyone to witness her going through the process.”

“She can’t wait to get her old body back and is telling everyone she is going to be hotter than ever before.”



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