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Battle Of The Divas

Jenna Dewan Tatum Feels Upstaged By Jennifer Lopez On ‘WOD’

‘It’s basically the J.Lo show,’ says a source close to the co-panelist.

With Young and the Restless, Step Up and American Horror Story on her résumé, you’d think Jenna Dewan Tatum would appreciate some over-the-top acting. But even she was left cringing over Jennifer Lopez’s corny antics on World of Dance.

“Jennifer is all about the schmaltzy, hammy moments, where she tears up or tries to be ‘inspirational’ to the kids she’s mentoring on the show,” tattles a tipster close to the copanelists. “Jenna can’t get a word in edgewise and just sits there trying not to roll her eyes.”

And the women are out of step off camera too. “When they first met, they were fast friends, but as soon as the production started, Jennifer started to micromanage everything and made it clear she was the star,” divulges the source. “It’s basically the J.Lo show, and Jenna feels very excluded.”