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Getting Thick!

Inside Rihanna’s Expanding Wardrobe & Fluctuating Waist Line

The singer has built a collection of ‘skinny’ and ‘fat’ outfits.

Rihanna can’t stop rounding out — and now she needs a second wardrobe for all the pounds she’s piled on!

The 29-year-old “Disturbia” diva is so distraught with her fluctuating flab, she had to build a collection of “skinny” and “fat” outfits to choose from, based on how she feels each day.

“Her weight can fluctuate by 10 pounds during any given week and that requires a massive wardrobe,” a source said.

“So she’s had to have home renovations in New York and L.A. to create closets the size of most people’s homes.”

RiRi’s weight began to skyrocket when she had love on the brain this summer, and was spotted in a pool with Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel.

As their bond grew tighter, so did her clothes — and pals said she was getting too “carefree” with her body.

“Rihanna has four walk-in closets the size of enormous bedrooms, plus an entire floor in her L.A. mansion for seasonal clothing storage,” said the source.

“She needs the space now because in the last year, her size kept changing — her clothes range in size from two to 18!”

Her latest appearance, celebrating the launch of her collaboration with Puma, made jaws drop when the “Work” songstress showed up in a plain plaid shirt and enormous baggy pants that seemed to swallow her whole.

Sources said Rihanna stopped dressing to impress and started hiding her obvious weight gain with larger sizes.

When she does show off her curves with revealing outfits, she can barely get them on — and needs two assistants to peel them off when the day is over.


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