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Shocking Secret

Exposed! Beyoncé’s Father Has A Love Child With Stripper

The singer has a hidden half-sister fathered by Mathew Knowles.

Beyoncé is hiding a secret half-sister — the love child of her shameless father and a woman half his age who was arrested on prostitution charges! In an exclusive interview with, the baby mama confessed to her sordid past.

A court-ordered DNA test showed with 99.9 percent certainty the seven-year-old Texas girl named Koi is the love child daughter of Beyoncé’s dad, Mathew Knowles, and TaQoya Branscomb, 33, a former stripper.

Documents uncovered by Radar show in 2007 TaQoya pleaded no contest to charges of misdemeanor prostitution in Houston, which a judge later dismissed.

But TaQoya couldn’t stay out of trouble. In January 2008, she was arrested again, and struck a deal, pleading guilty to charges of violation of sexually oriented enterprise and spent 20 days in jail.

Happily, TaQoya seems to be pulling her life together. Now working as a real estate agent, she confessed to Radar: “When I was 21 I was a dancer, and I began a business of connecting beautiful women with high-end clientele and ended up involved in a raid that resulted in those arrests.

“I did a few days in jail and probation. After that I decided to get out of the business.”

Mathew, 65, has never publicly acknowledged his daughter Koi. Mathew’s roving eye seems incurable. Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Knowles, filed for divorce in 2009 after he fathered another love child! What’s more, Mathew has always been a crass womanizer, claimed Brian “Kenny” Moore, a co-manager of the girl group that would go on to become Beyoncé’s breakthrough act, Destiny’s Child. In one 1990s incident, Kenny said he and Mathew were scouting out a music act they were interested in representing.

“This one beautiful girl comes over,” Kenny revealed. “Mathew reaches in his pants and says, ‘I’m so f—ing horny. If you want to deal with us, you’re going to have to do something for me!’”

Friends spilled Beyoncé has had it with her lecherous dad.

“Beyoncé has largely cut her father out of her life since he and Tina divorced, and he’s only become increasingly seedy and embarrassing since,” a source dished.

“Mathew’s true colors have shown once more. He should face up to his own problems and responsibilities.”


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