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Trouble In Paradise?

Poor Ryan! Eva Mendes Has 'Jealous Streak'

Gosling cozied up to gorgeous costars.

SAY cheese! Sandwiched between costars Ana de Armas and Sylvia HoeksRyan Gosling certainly didn’t seem to mind that longtime love Eva Mendes was more than 6,000 miles away during a photocall for Blade Runner 2049 in Barcelona on June 19.
“Ryan’s behavior hardly amounts to infidelity, but it’s no secret that Eva has got a serious jealous streak,” reveals a source close to the couple, who share daughters Esmeralda, 2, and Amada, 1. “Although those photos may have been harmless, it’s easy to understand why she would feel threatened by Ana and Sylvia.”
As Star previously reported, the actress, 43, is very sensitive about Ryan’s history of hooking up with his leading ladies: Sandra Bullock, Rachel McAdams, even Eva!
“Ryan is always telling her that she has nothing to worry about, but this certainly doesn’t help his case,” says the source. “He definitely has some explaining to do when he gets back to L.A., especially considering all of the sacrifices Eva has made for his career.”
After all, this isn’t the first time Ryan has chosen fame over family. “While I was singing and dancing […] and having one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on a film, my lady was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second, and trying to help her brother fight his battle with cancer,” the La La Land star, 36, confessed at last year’s Golden Globes.
“Something has got to give,” adds the pal. “Otherwise, Ryan might need to find his very own place beyond the pines!”