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Beyonce Gets Hair Stuck in a Fan: What Happened?

Beyonce brought new meaning to “the show must go on” on Monday night while performing in Montreal. The singer was performing her hit “Halo” during one of her Mrs. Carter Show world tour stops, when her hair got caught in a fan. No, not one of those crazy people screaming in the audience — a literal fan!

Because Queen Bey is a pro, she was able to continue singing the song without a hitch, and finally, a crew member came down to un-attach her from the fan.

Although Beyonce follows a pretty strict setlist and choreography with every show, she reportedly made a little change on Monday, which is what eventually caused the mishap. The singer allegedly saw a nearby fan holding up her bucket list, with only one item unchecked — “Sing with Beyonce.” While heading over to help the fan complete her list, though, the fan (as in, the object) created quite the obstacle.

Later, Beyonce posted a note online poking fun of herself in the situation. “Gravity can’t begin, to pull me out of the fan again, I felt my hair was yankin, from the fan that’s always hatin’,” she included in the note. Good to know she can laugh about it!

Check out the video below for all of the details:


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