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Terrifying Romance! Sandra Bullock's Scary New Boyfriend Has A Dark, Abusive Past With Booze & Drugs—Find Out Why Her Friends Are Petrified For Her Life

Credit: Getty Images

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Even before the implosion of her five-year marriage to Jesse James, many fans of superstar Sandra Bullock wondered what the beloved actress, often referred to as America’s Sweetheart, had ever seen in the tough-guy biker/reality TV star. And when the story broke in early March 2010 that Jesse had been cheating on his wife with heavily tattooed pinup model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee—swiftly followed one month later by Sandra’s divorce filing—it was hoped by fans that Sandra’s next choice in a romantic partner would be someone as grounded as the new mom herself (Sandra had just adopted newborn son Louie that January).