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Meet Sawyer: The Game Changing Educational Tool For Children


These days we could all use a little assistance, especially when it comes to providing educational opportunities for children. With in-person class learning hanging on by a thread due to a potential second wave of COVID-19, more parents are eager to find fun, engaging and educational tools for their children, especially after school hours.


Well, there’s an awesome game changing tool that can help solve that issue. Meet Sawyer.

From learning pods to online yoga lessons to even a baby DJ school!, Sawyer unlocks a world of engaging, educational and entertaining tools guaranteed to enrich children of all ages.


The easy-to-use platform connects children to interactive and age-appropriate learning opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. Sawyer provides a vast array of educational and learning tools, such as assisting children with their math or science, to even teaching them to learn a new hobby (hello baking!). Sawyer’s goal is to create a love of learning for today’s youth, providing the critical educational assistance parents have long been craving, especially since the start of the pandemic.


This amazing service is not just limited to online learning, they’re also committed to fostering youth participation in local communities, connecting parents to in-person play groups and activities. The platform also allows educational providers a chance to connect with parents and children alike, providing their valuable services through the interactive Sawyer platform.


As the co-founder of Sawyer and a mom of two, CEO, Marissa Evans Alden, built the platform with the goal to ensure every child has the opportunity to discover their own love of learning, including her own two children. “As a mom, I love seeing my kids excited about discovering their passions through Sawyer’s classes. I know how difficult it is for parents right now, and my hope is that Sawyer is able to offer some structure and fun into each family’s day. Seeing your child smile in a socially distanced gymnastics class or virtual cooking class is definitely a big bright spot.”


Learn more about this incredible, game changing service at and unlock a world of possibilities for your child at their fingertips.