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Tristan Thompson Caught On Camera CHEATING On Pregnant Khloe Kardashian — Get The Heartbreaking Details

Tristan thompson caught cheating on khloe kardashian


Say it isn’t so! Khloe Kardashian is not going to be pleased when she sees videos that surfaced on Thursday of her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson in a nightclub in New York, seemingly making out with another woman. While the pregnant reality star is at their home in Cleveland, awaiting the birth of their first child, who is reportedly due any day now, Tristan was partying at PH-D Lounge after winning a game in New York with the Cavaliers against the Knicks.

While surrounded by fellow partiers, Tristan stood out in the crowd not only due to his height (he’s 6’9″!) but also due his status as a professional athlete and Khloe’s partner. But that didn’t stop him from getting way too close to a pretty brunette. In videos published online, he is seen talking to her while she wraps an arm around his neck, then closes her eyes as she leans towards his face. Though he is wearing a grey hoodie, blocking his face, it is clear that they were no longer just talking.

In other videos taken by people in the crowd, Tristan, 27, is seen talking with friends.

Khloe has yet to make a comment, in true Kardashian fashion, but this can’t help her level of stress as she prepares for motherhood.

This scenario is certainly going to remind fans of Tristan’s previous relationship as well, as he left his ex-girlfriend, Jordan Craig, while she was pregnant with their son. While Khloe has denied that Tristan cheated on Jordan with her, their relationship timeline has certainly raised more than a few eyebrows.

Khloe, 33, is currently in Cleveland preparing to deliver her first child at any moment.

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