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Out for Blood!

Kristen Stewart's Diva Demands!

The 'Twlight' star was less than amenable with the staff.

Kristen stewart diva demands star

Kristen Stewart‘s ever-present scowl isn’t an act, say patrons at a West Hollywood restaurant, who tell Star that the sourpuss actress really is that rude IRL!

Diners who spotted the Twilight star on a date with indie rocker St. Vincent (who recently split from model Cara Delevingne) say that K.Stew was “outrageously rude” to the staff at Gracias Madre.

“It was as if she was trying to show off for her date,” recalled one witness. “Like how some guys think bossing a waitress around is impressive when really they just look like a jerk.”

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Kristen apparently “flipped out” when a server came close to touching her as they set down her food, and sniggered at another employee.

“She was whispering, staring and clearly making snarky comments,” dishes the source. “It was really quite nasty.”

But maybe nice girls do finish last: Kristen and St. Vincent have been coupled up ever since!