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Naomi Watts Outdivas Other Girls At Paris Fashion Week By Acting Like A Nightmare

INF Giorgio Armani Prive: Outside Arrivals Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2015/2016


It isn’t easy to outdiva the jet-set ladies of Paris Fashion Week, but actress Naomi Watts left even the snootiest It Girl balking during the Giorgio Armani show on July 7.

“Naomi was mad that she wasn’t the center of attention in a very famous crowd of heiresses and French actresses,” spills an insider, who said the likes of Athina Onassis and Emmanuelle Béart were in attendance.

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Naomi allegedly requested the best seat in the house but then refused to talk to reporters. “Even when someone spoke to her directly, she ignored them,” says the witness. The 46-year-old star had an “arrogant way of letting her team talk for her and not answering questions,” the spy reports. Finally, Naomi bolted from the event using the flimsy excuse that she missed her kids, even though fashion shows are usually less than 30 minutes long.

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“She was acting like a bratty child,” adds the insider. “She left early because all eyes weren’t on her.”

Talk about a fashion faux pas!


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