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EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Chastain Earns $7 Million For 'The Martian' Movie—While Matt Damon Earns $25 Million For Equal Work On The Set

Matt damon jessica chastain the martian

Credit: Photo credit: Billy Farrell/BFA/Sipa USA (Jessica Chastain), EDLA/Broadimage (Matt Damon)

This doesn’t look to be a fair game.

Their talent and award-winning trophies may have the same weight—but Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain‘s paychecks sure don’t in their upcoming movie The Martian.

“Matt’s getting $25 million for this role, with Jessica earning around $7 million, even though Jessica is really in demand and worked just as hard on the film,” a source exclusively tells Star.

But Jessica isn’t ignoring the reputation that divas on set can so easily get—and she really doesn’t want to become one so she’s keeping her feelings to herself. The last thing she wants to be labeled is difficult to work with because that’s when roles start to dry up for stars in Hollywood.

“She does think it’s unfair, but figures it’s simply a case of Matt’s team negotiating better than hers,” explains the insider. “And while Matt is embarrassed by the disparity, he’s not about to turn down the extra cash.”

Check out The Martian trailer below, which will be released to movie theaters this November.