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Shia LaBeouf's Fugitive Father!


His recent arrest in NYC for disorderly conduct was just the latest in a string of unruly behavior for Shia LaBeouf. But there may be a reason why the star is acting erratically — his father is on the lam!

Jeffrey LaBeouf, 66, was jailed for two years in the early eighties after a conviction for assault with intent to commit rape. Though the specific details of his case are unknown, he was subsequently placed on a list of registered sex offenders, meaning he must update his home address with the authorities annually. But Jeffrey missed his last deadline this past Jan. 1 — and his current whereabouts are unknown!

The elder LaBeouf’s last known address was in Glendale, Calif., in 2011, though he had actually been living 120 miles away, in Bear Valley Springs, a private community where the ex-con had access to children’s play areas and a swimming pool. As a result, Jeffrey could be heading back behind bars…if detectives can find him.

Shia’s relationship with his father was always strained, stemming from Jeffrey’s heroin addiction when Shia was a child. His dad also had a temper, as evidenced by the time the Vietnam vet pulled a gun on his son while having a flashback.

Shia, who moved in with his mother after his parents separated in 1991, reconnected with his dad when he needed a legal guardian to be on the set with him for the 2000 series Even Stevens. Jeffrey was happy to help his son — for $800 a week.

Hollywood therapist Tara Fass sees a link between Shia’s public meltdown and his deep-seated family torment. “The drama of what he is doing in public is actually a symptom of suffering,” she explains. “I recommend talk therapy. His conflict needs to be better understood, and that takes time. It is never too late, as the public is always wiling to forgive.”

But is Shia willing to forgive his father?


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