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Out Of Control!

Will Actor Shia LaBeouf Get It Together After This Recent Arrest?

‘He’s like a walking time bomb,’ says a showbiz insider.

ON June 26, 2014, actor Shia LaBeouf was ­arrested in NYC for disorderly conduct after getting kicked out of a ­Broadway theater during a performance of ­Cabaret (he had gotten into a bizarre altercation with a homeless man earlier that afternoon). Shia spent 24 hours in jail after his ­arrest and, ­shortly after, voluntarily entered a 12-step treatment program for ­alcoholism in L.A. “Man, I went through, like, an existential crisis, which turned into some explorations,” Shia explained to Ellen ­DeGeneres during an appearance on her talk show that October. “I had some ­hiccups, some judgment errors.”

Unfortunately for Shia, now 31  — whose once-promising career has degenerated from star-making roles in the monster Indiana Jones and Transformers franchises to a string of low-budget duds — his “hiccups” seem to have continued unabated. A year after his Ellen interview, he was arrested in Texas for public intoxication; in August 2016, he reportedly went berserk after a

fan photographed him drinking in the bar at the San Jose, Calif., airport; he was arrested for suspicion of assault in January during a political demonstration in NYC; he allegedly caused a drunken disturbance at an L.A. bowling alley and deli in April; and he was videotaped slurring and shouting during a visit to Finland in May.


Shia lost control again on July 8 in ­Savannah, where he’s been filming a movie. He was arrested for being drunk and disorderly when he flew off the handle at 4 a.m., after a stranger refused to give him a ­cigarette — and he then ­became “aggressive” toward a police officer.

“Shia is a terrific actor who once had one of the brightest futures in Hollywood,” says a showbiz insider. “But now he’s like a walking time bomb. He needs to get control of his demons for good.”

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