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EXCLUSIVE: Patti Wilkinson Standing by Daughter Kendra!

Kendra and patti

Kendra Wilkinson has maintained a stony silence ever since news broke that her husband, Hank Baskett, had cheated on her with a transsexual while she was eight months pregnant. Behind the scenes, though, the former Playboy model is beside herself over the reports that her hubby paid man-turned-woman Ava Sabrina London $500 for sex.

Now, a surprising support system has come to the Kendra On Top star’s side. Although Kendra and her mother, Patti Wilkinson, have been estranged since a falling out in October 2013, its she who is proving to be the shoulder her daughter leans on while dealing with the fact that her marriage is on the point of breaking down completely.

“Patti and Kendra haven’t spoken for months, but she is still her mother and will always love her,” a source tells Star. “As soon as she heard the reports about Hank cheating on Kendra she immediately reached out to her and told her she was there for her, no matter what.”

And Patti is not keeping her support a secret, either. When someone tweeted her on June 26 to ask if she’d reached out to the 29-year-old, she confirmed with a “yes.”

“Kendra is absolutely devastated by what is happening and has never felt so alone,” the insider adds. “She has no idea who to trust or confide in. Having her mother step back into her life at a time like this has been wonderful because she knows, despite everything that has happened between them, her mother would never betray her.”


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