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Leo DiCaprio Kicks Real Life Wolf of Wall Street to the Curb!


Leonardo DiCaprio brought Jordan Belfort’s story to life in The Wolf of Wall Street, but now that the film is done, it looks like their professional relationship might be, too.

The real life money mogul was dining at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel on April 3 with two movie producers, arguing about how the Oscar-nominated actor stopped returning his calls, despite a promise to help get Jordan’s acting career on track.

“Jordan was yelling and really upset about the whole situation,” the spy says. “He was saying how he spent countless hours with Leo to help him prepare for the big role, and in return, Leo has done absolutely nothing. Jordan is dying to better his acting skills and make money while doing it, and he figured that if he was good to Leo, Leo would be good to him.”

The source adds that The Great Gatsby star promised to give Jordan pointers and tips, but has been MIA since the movie died down. “He feels like Leo completely used him to make money on the movie,” the insider adds. “And he is not happy about it!”


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