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Best Skin Care Secrets of the Stars from Makeup Artist Kevin James Bennett


What’s the secret to young-looking skin? Celebrity makeup artist Kevin James Bennett is revealing the best skin care tips to achieve a sensational look and why he’s given up Botox for good!

The Emmy Award winner, now in his fifties, has managed to transform his own skin without going under the knife or having expensive cosmetic procedures. He told the secret to his skin care regimen is SeroVital.

“People I see regularly at industry events were asking what procedures I had done. Seriously, people that saw me a year ago, frozen with Botox and micro-dermabraded to excess, think I look better now after cutting out the dermatological procedures and layering in better supplements, SeroVital and a healthier diet.”

With the help of SeroVital, which he started using four months ago, Bennett says the product has him looking even better than he did when he was getting regular Botox injections.

Bennett reveals he “noticed a visible change in my overall energy and appearance after using SeroVital for only one month.” He explained, “I do a lot of air travel for work and I’m in constantly changing time-zones. This creates havoc on your system and is terrible for your skin.”

Bennett says you don’t have to have a celebrity budget to look good either. “Let’s face facts,” he said. “These are well-kept people that hire professionals to monitor and maintain their skin’s appearance. They get facials, use wildly expensive products and have dermatologists do all kinds of procedures from injectables, to Botox, to whatever is needed to remain looking smooth, un-lined and youthful.”

“Yeah, you can look exactly like them – if you’re ready to make a hefty financial investment and become a slave to office visits,” he said. “I would rather provide guidelines for achieving a similar effect, but within a normal budget and far less invasive procedures.”

Bennett’s advice: Splurge and go get a facial, but also purchase a great at home exfoliant and moisture mask. “The Philosophy Micro Delivery Peel Pads and Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask are to die for! You exfoliate, then throw on the oxygen mask …in 15-20 minutes you are smooth, soft, glowing and ready to put your best face forward.”

“And here’s a bonus tip for getting your foundation to look super natural while making it uber long-lasting at the same time …without using powder,” Bennett reveals. “Get a good makeup fixative spray – I love the one from Skindinavia. Dab a moderate to full coverage foundation on your skin, but don’t blend it in. Next, lightly spritz a clean, dry synthetic foundation brush with the fixative. Use the damp brush to blend and buff the foundation into the most smooth and beautiful finish you’ve ever seen.”

For more of the best skin care tips around, check out Bennett’s website here.