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Too Far?

Will Arnett Leaves Staffer In Tears As Cruel Joke Goes Wrong

Find out what he said and why things went left.

After a bad joke about his coffee order, Will Arnett left a staffer on his upcoming reboot of The Gong Show in tears of anything but laughter!
“An assistant handed Will his drink, and he snapped at her saying, ‘I didn’t ask for this’ and ‘Why is it not at room temperature?’ — but he was just kidding,” explained a witness, revealing that the flustered young lady didn’t realize her boss was just joshing and began to well up.
“She thought he was really angry and was absolutely distraught,” recounts the on-set source, but adds that the erstwhile Lego Batman quickly made things right:
“Will sent her flowers and apologized, he really poured on the charm. In fact, he may have even sparked a bit of a crush!”