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Sylvester Stallone Accused Of Forcing Oral Sex On Teen Fan, Claims Report

The actor allegedly threatened to beat her up if she told.

Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old fan girl in Las Vegas and forcing her to give him and his bodyguard Michael ‘Mike’ De Luca oral sex in the 1980s, according to a report and an alleged never-before-seen bombshell police report which has surfaced online.

The unnamed girl informed authorities at the time that the incident took place at the former Las Vegas Hilton hotel in July 1986 where the Rocky star, who as 40 at the time, was filming Over the Top. She said it all began when she approached Stallone in the hotel for an autograph and he immediately made an advance toward her, asking how old she was and then commenting on “how she got such a build,” according to the police report.

During the autograph signing the then teen said she met De Luca, who allegedly asked the teen if Stallone made a pass at her, what would she do, in which she responded that she “would probably make a pass back at him.”

De Luca then gave her two keys for a room on the 27th floor and told her to go up to the room, according to the police report.

There, the accuser says she was “intimidated” into having sex with him and De Luca and that De Luca forced her to perform oral sex on him before penetrating her, while Stallone made her give him oral sex, according to the police report.

The teen told police she and Stallone entered the bathroom in the hotel room where he got undressed in preparation for sex but the teen said they “didn’t really have sex” because Stallone only inserted himself “a little ways” into her and “only kept it in for a few seconds.”

After remarking that she was “very tight” Stallone asked her if she ever had sex with two men at the same time, according to the report, in which she responded she had not.

Stallone then allegedly asked De Luca if he wanted a “blow job” from the girl and De Luca then “forced her head down onto his penis,” she claims in the report.

After forcing her to perform oral sex on him for a few minutes, the minor claim he then “came around and had vaginal sex with her.”

In the report, the teen continues to allege Stallone then “came over to her and pushed her head down onto his penis and made her give him a blow job.”

She claims Stallone asked her if she “wanted to see come” and then he ejaculated in front of her, the report continued.

After everything was said and done, the girl claims Stallone said “they would have to beat her head in” if she told anyone about the incident.

She ultimately decided not to pursue charges, claiming she felt “humiliated and ashamed,” as well as “scared,” according to the police report.





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