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Getting the Axe?

SJP’s ‘Divorce’ On Chopping Block Amid Kim Cattrall Feud

‘The show hasn’t been the massive hit SJP was going for’ says source.

In the wake of her feud with former Sex And The City co-star Kim Cattrall, sad Sarah Jessica Parker is at rock bottom emotionally after learning her make-or-break TV comeback Divorce is likely to be ditched.

“The show just hasn’t been the massive hit SJP and her team were going for, and it seems like everybody is ready to walk away,” a production insider revealed.

The problem is, the snitch adds, SJP would “happily work 18-hour days” on SATC, but she put “a lot of strictures” on Divorce from the beginning, including that it “films everything within an hour of her New York home.”

Now, it looks like that’s blown up in her face.

“HBO would drop Divorce in a heartbeat if there was some way to revive SATC instead, but with all the drama surrounding it, she could end up without either project.”

And her fallout with Cattrall is only adding the the madness. “It’s been a tough time, and feud with Kim Cattrall is only adding to the stress.”

As fans know, the two have been in a years-long feud, with Cattrall claiming how horribly she was reportedly treated by Parker during the filming of Sex and the City.

Cattrall, 61, allegedly refused to return for a third film was because Parker, 52, treated her “horribly” for six years!

But their bitter battle reached an all-time high earlier this year when Parker took to social media to express her condolences following Cattrall’s brother’s death.

“Dearest Kim, my love and condolences to you and your and Godspeed to your beloved brother. Xx,” Parker tweeted to the acid-tongued actress.

Cattrall took SJP’s words of kindness as just another hypocritical move on her ex-costar’s part.

“I don’t need your love or support at this tragic time @sarahjessicaparker,” Cattrall viciously responded.

“My Mom asked me today ‘When will that @sarahjessicaparker, that hypocrite, leave you alone?’ Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now.”

“Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already) You are not my family,” Cattrall added. “You are not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona.”