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'Divorce' Drama

Is Sarah Jessica Parker Too Old For TV?

'Sex and the City' started almost 20 years ago!

Sarah Jessica Parker has long been a vocal proponent of aging gracefully, but lately cracks in her composure are showing. Sources say the 52-year-old actress, who once scoffed at the notion of having “big fake boobs, Botox, collagen and big lips,” is obsessing about how old she looks on the set of her HBO dramedy Divorce. (It likely doesn’t help that her character is the anti-Carrie Bradshaw: a harried, unglamorous, middle-aged woman whose marriage unravels.)

“She’s always staring at her wrinkles and talking about how awful she looks in certain lighting,” says an insider. “She’s stopped a number of scenes to check out how old she looks in the footage. And it’s taking longer and longer in the makeup chair to make her happy.” Some have suggested that SJP try changing up her look, perhaps do something new with her hair, “but she’s afraid that whatever she does will make her look even older,” says the source. “She jokes about her age, but you can tell she has a complex about it. No one would be surprised if she opts for a little Botox finally.”

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