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Photographers Didn’t Kill Diana! New Evidence Revealed On The Princess’ Fatal Crash

See the groundbreaking findings of Detective Colin McLaren.

New evidence from Detective Colin McLaren reveals that the much-hated photographers chasing Princess Diana on the day of her death, could not have caused the crash that killed her.

On 31 August 1997, news of Diana’s deadly Paris tunnel collision devastated the nation, and the world. Now, REELZ seeks to uncover the truth, with their groundbreaking Diana’s Death Mystery Solved episode airing this Friday.

In the teaser, McLaren looks into the evidence collected from the alleged accident, hoping to find clues as to who instigated the brutal crash.

Certainly the paparazzi were intrusive. There’s no doubt they were annoying – and Diana was used to that. But what turned these pesky photographers into raging wolves?” says McLaren in shocking clip.

Is the mysterious white car to blame for the untimely death of the beloved monarch?

Diana’s Death Mystery Solved airs Friday Dec 15 at 8 ET/PT on REELZ.